Curriculum Vitae of Yue Wang


wyblogAssociate professor, Doctoral tutor

State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

I was born in Henan Province, university and doctorate in Tongji, Postdoc research work in CAMS of Beijing but finally return to Shanghai.

Now my primary research interests are in the simulation of Paleoceanographic and Paleoclimate at multiple timescales, including the Holocene, the LGM and at orbital timescales (especially precessional periods). Now my focus is the d18O isotope-enabled simulation and its paleoceanographic assessment.


Room 414, Ocean Building, State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology

Tongji University, No. 1239, Siping Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200092, China


Education & Working experience                                              

2013.04 – 2016.01  Postdoc, Chinese Academic of Meteorological Science (CAMS), Beijing

2009.03 – 2013.03  PhD, Marine Geology, Tongji University

2006.09 – 2009.03  Master, Marine Geology, Tongji University

2002.09 – 2006.06  Bachelor, Geophysics, Tongji University

Conference & Internship                                                 

2019.09  The 13th International Conference of Paleoceanography, Sydney, Australian, Poster: “Upper ocean heat content (OHC) changes in the tropical Pacific induced by orbital insolation and greenhouse gases (GHG)”

2018.10  The 9th International Conference on Asian Marine Geology (ICMAG-9), Shanghai: Oral Presentation: “Precessional forced zonal triple anomalies of the tropical Pacific annual cycle”

2018.10  The 5th Young Scientist Forum of Earth Science, NanJing, Oral Presentation: “Precessional forced Modoki-like-ENSO in the tropical Pacific”

2018.07  The 5th Conference of Earth System Science (CESS-5),Shanghai: Oral Presentation “Precessional forced Modoki-like-ENSO in the tropical Pacific”

2018.06  The 15th’ annual meeting of AOGS, Honolulu, Hawaii: Oral Presentation “Precessional forced Modoki-like-ENSO in the tropical Pacific”

2017.09  IA-MONOCL 2017 Annual meeting, Beijing: Oral Presentation “Precessional forced APO and EASM”

2017.09  IODP-PAGES Workshop on Global monsoon in Long-term records, Shanghai: Poster: “Relative roles of land- and ocean-atmospheric interactions in Asian-Pacific thermal contrast variability at the precessional band”

2016.08  The 12th International Conference of Paleoceanography, Utrecht, Netherlands, Poster

2016.07  The 4th Conference on Earth System Science, Oral presentation

2015.12  Symposium of the western Pacific ocean circulation and middle-long term ENSO climate dynamics,Qingdao, Oral presentation

2014.07  The 3rd Conference on Earth System Science, Shanghai, Oral presentation

2012.07  The 2nd“Deep sea research and the earth system science” Symposium, Shanghai: poster

2012.01  The 2012 symposium of “The South China Sea Deep” (Key research project of NSFC), Shanghai: Abstract

2011.04  The 2nd mid-symposium of 973 Project (2007CB815900), HangZhou: Oral presentation and poster

2010.03  The 1st mid-symposium of 973Project (2007CB815900), KunMin: Poster

2010.09  International PAGES 2nd Global Monsoon Symposium, Shanghai, Volunteer

2007.09  The 9th International Conferences of Paleoceanography, Shanghai, Volunteer


  • 2013  Excellent PhD thesis, Tongji University
  • 2012  National Scholarship of PhD student
  • 2007  Excellent Party Member of United CPC committee, Scientific Department, Tongji University
  • 2006  Scholarship of Municipal Government, Shanghai
  • 2005  Excellent student Scholarship (3-class) of Tongji University

Participated projects                                                             

2020.01 to 2023.12    Chaired NSF (China) “d18O simulation of the warm pool hydrological cycle forced by the Indian Ocean Dipole and its paleoceanographic assessment” (41976047)

2017.01 to 2019.12  Chaired NSF (China) “Precessional forced ENSO-like paleoclimate in the tropical Pacific” (41606045)

2014.05 – 2015.12 Chaired the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded project (2014M550913)

2017.01 to 2021.12  Participated in NSF (China) “changes of tropical air-sea CO2 exchange pattern during the late Quaternary glacial cycles and their controlling factors” (41630965)

2015.01 – 2018.12 Participated in NSF (China) “Paleoceanographic changes of deep water in the South China Sea since the Late Cenozoic” (91428310)

2015.01 – 2017.12 Participated in NSF (China) “Collaborative influence of the Tibetan Plateau and the Pacific on land monsoon variations in the Northern Hemisphere” (91437218)

2011.01 – 2014.12 Participated in NSF (China) “Late Cenozoic evolutions of the middle and deep water in the South China Sea and their global meanings” (91028004)

2011.01 – 2014.12   Participated in NSF (China) “The climatic and environmental evolutions of low latitude Western Pacific since the Last Glacial Maximum and their global influences” (41023004);

2007.07 – 2011.08 Participated in 973 Project ”The tropical forcing of ocean carbon cycle and climate evolutions”;

  1. Participated in these projects and mastered regional/global GCM climate models (RegCM3, CAM3, CCSM3, CESM) and Earth system models of Intermediate Complexity (UViC);
  2. Performed Paleoclimate simulations on multiple time scales (i.e., Holocene, LGM, orbital) and analyzed model results with special software (Matlab, Grads, NCL, Ocean data Viewer).


2013.06    PhD:The evolution of Asian-Pacific climate forced by transient solar insolation


2009.03    Master:Modeling the influences of Tropical Sea surface temperature on ITCZ and summer monsoon during the Last Glacial Maximum


2006.07    Bachelor:The illumination analyzing of Seismic observation system based on Ray tracing methods


Published articles                                                              

[1] Wang, Y., Jian, Z. M., and Zhao P., Sensitivity of equatorial Pacific Convergence Zone to revised tropical sea surface temperature outside the warm pool during the Last Glacial Maximum, Quaternary Sciences (in Chinese), 2009, 29(2):221-231

王跃,翦知湣,赵平. 末次盛冰期太平洋赤道辐合带对暖池外热带海表温度变化的敏感性. 第四纪研究,2009, 29(2): 221-231. pdf

[2] Wang, Y., Jian, Z. M., and Zhao P., Sensitivity of tropical precipitation caused by the low latitude sea surface temperature during the Last Glacial Maximum, Quaternary Sciences (in Chinese), 2011, 31(2):244-255.

王跃,翦知湣,赵平. 末次盛冰期热带降雨对低纬表层海温的敏感性. 第四纪研究,2011, 31(2):  244-255. pdf

[3] Wang, Y., Z. Jian, and Zhao P., Extratropical modulation on Asian summer monsoon at precessional bands, Geophys. Res. Lett., 2012, 39, L14803, doi:10.1029/2012GL052553. links

[4] Wang Yue, Jian ZhiMin, Zhao Ping, Dang Haowen, Xiao Dong. Solar forced transient evolution of Pacific upper water thermal structure during the Holocene in an earth system model of intermediate complexity. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2013, 58 (15): 1832-1837. Doi:10.1007/s11434-012-5576-2. links

Chinese version:王跃,翦知湣,赵平,党皓文,肖栋. 全新世太阳活动驱动的太平洋上层热力结构的瞬变演化. 科学通报, 2013,58(4):379-384.

[5] Xiao Dong, Zhao Ping, Wang Yue, and Zhou XiuJi. Modeling the climatic implications and indicative sense of the Guliya δ18O-temperature proxy record to the ocean-atmosphere system during the past 130ka. Climate of the Past, 2013, 9: 735-747. Doi:10.5194/cp-9-735-2013. links

[6] Xiao Dong, Zhao Ping, Wang Yue, Tian Qinhua and Zhou XiuJi. Millennial-scale phase relationship between North Atlantic deep-level temperature and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau temperature and its evolution since the Last Interglaciation. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2014, 59(1): 75-81. doi: 10.1007/s11434-013-0028-1.  links

[7] Wang, Y., P. Zhao, Z.Jian, D. Xiao, and J. Chen (2014), Precessional forced extratropical North Pacific mode and associated atmospheric dynamics, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 119(6), 3732-3745,  doi:10.1002/2013JC009765. links

[8] Wang, Y., Z. Jian, P. Zhao, J. Chen, and D. Xiao (2015), Precessional forced evolution of the Indian Ocean Dipole, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 120(5), 3747-3760, doi:10.1002/2015JC010713.  links

[9] Wang, Y., Z. Jian, P. Zhao, D. Xiao, and J. Chen  (2016), Relative roles of land- and ocean-atmosphere interactions in Asian-Pacific thermal contrast variability at the precessional band, Scientific Reports, 6, 28349, doi:10.1038/srep28349. links

[10] Xiao D., P. Zhao, Y. Wang, X. Zhou. Responses of the summer Asian-Pacific zonal thermal contrast and the associated evolution of atmospheric circulation to transient orbital changes during the Holocene. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 35816; doi: 10.1038/srep35816.

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[13]王跃,黄恩清,2018,末次冰期千年尺度气候波动的南北半球不对称性. In: 10000个科学难题. 海洋科学卷(海洋地质学),“10000个科学难题”海洋科学编委会,科学出版社,北京,p626-630

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